Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland – Press Officer

PR Officer                                            

In charge of achieving national and local media coverage for the organisation, by regionalising UK-wide campaigns and securing local publicity for the plethora of events and activities organised by Rotary clubs every year. I identified key opportunities within both the trade and general media and built on relationships with journalists to ensure future coverage.

Key responsibilities included:

  • Liaising with national and regional media and securing effective coverage
  • Event organising
  • Responsible for website redevelopment and population
  • Working on rebrand and new membership drive
  • Developing media strategies
  • Interviewing a range of professionals, volunteers and young people
  • Delivering media training and workshops.
  • Providing PR resources, regular internal communications and support for more than 1,000 Rotary clubs in the UK
  • Copy writing for marketing materials
  • Lowest price valtrex

New membership drive

RIBI underwent an extensive rebranding and membership drive of which I was heavily involved. The ‘Make a World of Difference’ aimed to show the diversity of Rotary clubs across the UK and lessen its image as a secret ‘old man’s club’.

We interviewed the younger, more diverse members of Rotary for both press and publicity materials, in an effort to encourage more members to join their local club.

At the same time, I secured a wealth of national coverage for our new female CEO to show the changing face of Rotary.

End Polio Now

I led the publicity of RIBI’s contribution to Rotary’s international effort to eradicate polio across the world.

This included organising for the Houses of Parliament to be illuminated as part of a worldwide media stunt where popular landmarks were lit up with the End Polio Now logo.

I also secured countless national and regional media coverage on the campaign and arranged for a national broadsheet journalist to travel with UK Rotary members to India to witness first hand the immunisation efforts that the charity leads.

In addition, I organised a number of media events, including a VIP photo exhibition in London depicting the fight against polio.